Welcome To The New CarmenSoo.com :)

Welcome to the new improved website for CarmenSoo.com. It’s been a long time coming, but with having to work in Malaysia, Singapore and sometimes the Philippines, I’ve been really busy the last couple of months…

But now I’ve finally got it up and running!

This site is a compilation of some of my covers, photos from some of my shoots and even some videos I featured in a while back.

I’ll be posting more on my new blog section when I can, but if not, check out the news section for quick snippets on what I’m up to and what country I’m in.

Thanks and hope everyone likes the site πŸ™‚


43 Responses to “Welcome To The New CarmenSoo.com :)”

  1. pat says:

    Hi Carmen, am i the first one to post in this blog……anyway its ok..just glad to know that your home safe and enjoy. Take care and god Bless

  2. Nida A. Santos says:

    Hi Carmen, thank you for always updating us of all the things that you’re up to, we do appreciate that you always think of us your fans, in return we will be always here for you and will support you in all your projects wherever it will be. You’re one of a kind, you’re very thoughfull and honest and hope you’ll stay that way always!! Do take care of yourself, your health because we do really care for you!!Take care and God Bless to you and your family!!!! PandaBaby

  3. mae magallon says:

    Hi! Carmen, How are you! Arrived alive..thank god!.there’s no place like home..sweet home…right? That’s how I feel too when I travel… Anyway..this is cool site you set up…easy to navigate…I guess by this time you’re in spore now working hard…good luck ..take care god bless.

  4. Buagas says:

    Hello Carmen, wow! you are really so awesome… I love you and I appreciate very much all the efforts you are making to keep us updated with all your activities and endeavors. I know you’re a very private person and we are greatful and privileged to be a part of your daily life. Thank you and I pray you will have a blessed and fruitful life. My birthday prayer for you is that you’ll find na your true love and soul mate (Echo????) hahaha…dreams do come true…

  5. Mel Marcos says:

    Hi Carmen! Congratulations on your Star Awards nomination as Best New Female TV Personality! Take care!

  6. may says:

    carmen soo!!! hi!! go back to Philippines!!! we miss you so much!!

  7. ek says:

    wow! hehehe we can post here pala! great site carmen! love the homepage! πŸ˜€

  8. cf says:

    Got to follow-up with some of your works …. great stuff there. Will be great to hear more about your actings …. Take care & God bless.

  9. ixchel says:

    Hello Carmen, i have watched your MMK and i really adore you for being a good actress! So mushy..love it! Be safe always. hope to meet you soon.

  10. Lance says:

    Nice selection of photos. You are a very sweet cute looking girl..
    Hope all the best in your future

  11. gradarl15 says:

    good luck to you in everything you do.wish you all the very best.may you find your soulmate soon.

  12. joyen melca says:

    Hi Carmen!! you have a very cool site. it’s personalized pa! maraming nagmamahal sayo dito sa Pilipinas.(get it?) You have great photos in your gallery!! nice site!! Good luck on all your endeavors..

  13. joyen melca says:

    Hi Carmen!! you have a very cool site. it’s personalized pa! maraming nagmamahal sayo dito sa Pilipinas.(get it?) You have great photos in your gallery!! nice site!! Good luck on all your endeavors..

  14. naz says:

    Hi Carmen! saw u in an episode of The Pupil the other day. If only all lawyers are as hot as u!! Hope to see more of u on TV, heck mediacorp shud hire u fulltime…we could use a talent like urs… Cheers!!

  15. ek says:

    we miss u na carmen! wish u all the best whereever u are! we love u!

  16. nida a. santos says:

    Hi Carmen, Hope you’ll have more project in ABS! Miss seeing you on TFC! Either on TV or Movie is fine, as long as we see you on the big screen! Take care and be safe always!!

  17. grace darlene docil says:

    hi!i patiently waiting for your new project.all the best.

  18. mel-sang says:

    Hi Carmen! πŸ™‚ You are simply gorgeous on the cover of the KL lifestyle Feb. issue:) We miss you na… talaga.. sobra:)

  19. jessica says:

    Hi Carmen Soo — now I know why your last name is so with a double o, because after seeing you in showtime (the time of your voluntary eviction…I regretted I haven’t watched you before. I’m not so much of TV person), you left an indelible impression in my mind, soo impossible to remove that I have been googling you and able to watch part of your teleseries KIS… Oooh Wowww, soo superlative of you!!! You are a gem… a precious jewel… in your personality, talents and charm, so with intelligence, Malaysia is gifted with and Philippines is blessed with! What a real gift you are!

    I could only think of Sarah G as a the best filipino role model in terms of talent and values but when you entered the landscape, it makes the 2 of you and has given showbiz a breath of fresh air… You are a breath of fresh air!

    I only hope that you will have more acting quality projects in TV or movie Soon…I realized how much I’ve missed not watching your TV series (because we didn’t have filipino channel at that time. I only have it installed for my parents. Now, I don’t have reason to terminate it BECAUSE OF YOU…We’re based in Miami, Florida. I’ve shared to some friends about my discovery of you and they’ll check you out.)

    Carmen, please preserve your values, simplicity and charm. That’s how, I guess, I got endeared to you. Your intelligence and decency in dressing and speech make you Soo very beautiful to behold, in a world of immodesty and wildness…You don’t have to bare and do kissing scenes to augment your craft or get more support. You are a magnet yourself… an icon of talent, personality and beauty wrapped up in LOVE! You have a mega watt SMILE that can launch a thousand ships!! At most you are a GIFT, not just to Malaysia and Philippines but to the world as well!!!

    Mabuhay ka, Carmen! Perhaps one day I’ll plan to visit Kuala Lumpur because of you, en route to the Philippines.

    Your new fan,


    Can I be your Ate (older sister)? And may I say, please take good care of yourself (Ingat!) and like you said, surround yourself with positive values people (e.g KC, Sarah G, Piolo, Jericho, Donita Rose, Rica P, Coney Reyes, Sharon Cuneta) and stay away from opportunistic, pretentious people. Shun away people, especially men who have issues with infidelity.

  20. Ann says:

    Hi carmen i’m your fan from canada i love your teleserye kahit isang saglit i wish you can come here in canada to have a show it will be great i love watching you in wowowee you are so gorgeous and happy person wish you all the best good luck to you, more projects to come and always remember this wherever you go, whatever you do may the angels watch you always……from here in canada TFC we love you carmen….

  21. Ron says:

    hi carmen, i enjoy watching you on wowowee everyday, you look fantastic! congrats, your’e doing a great!

  22. Michelle Cabilin says:

    Hi Carmen! I am a Filipino-Canadian girl. I was so surprised and excited to find out that you are one of the hosts on wowowee! I think you r such an intelligent, strong and beautiful woman! You’re doing great! I really admire everything about you! Stay beautiful and grounded! I look forward to seeing whatever comes next for you as far as movie and soaps go.

  23. Bruce says:

    Hi Carmen!! you have a very cool site. it’s personalized pa! maraming nagmamahal sayo dito sa Pilipinas.(get it?) You have great photos in your gallery!! nice site!! Good luck on all your endeavors..

  24. Teresia Aper says:

    Niza blog ! GA es tambiΓ©n mi mayor ganancia. Sin embargo, no es mucho. gracias!! muy ΓΊtil Sitio!

  25. Kikz says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Good luck to you and more power…
    Love watching you always — you’re so sweet.

  26. Hi! Carmen (Pretty Soo)

    Wow! really I’m soo amazed of what your doing right now in Mla. Now the whole world know you..as a model, actress dancer and now you are a singer..a multi talented natural beauty in and out. I’m soo happy you took the offer to be a one of the co-host at WWW variety shows where all the televiewers become your fans..I wish one day you will be able to learn/talk our language. I feel bad and i know it’s soo hard learning our language since some of your language are similar but diff meaning.. patience is a virtue. I’m waiting patiently on your movies or teleserye..

    I could see that you luvin’ Phil now.. right? Living in different country, where i am now ..it takes awhile to adjust yourself..but i’ve been throught with that gonna be the same as you. Lucky that your home place is much closer that mine..I’m in the states..it takes 23 hrs travel time not like your it takes your at least 3 or 4 hrs travel time..

    I hope your enjoying the visit of your two sisters..good luck on your career, and most of all may you fine the right soul make of your dreams..BE SMART AND USE YOUR BRAIN FIRST then your heart. Wish you all the best…Good Luck and keep on smiling as the world smiles with you. You love and been loved by everyone who adores you including me…God Bless

  27. ek says:

    Hi Carmen, just checking on your website once in a while, no updates yet πŸ™ wish i could do it for you.

    Take care Soopergirl, always remember that we are here for you forever.

    Our love and support come with a lifetime guarantee.

    We love you and we wish u all the best in life…health, wealth, love and career.

    Sending you good vibes and positive energy.

    Much love from me,

    Ek <3

  28. maebluurose says:

    Hello,Carmen, the soopergirl! Like ko suot mong dress kanina..fresko at di OA.

    I always folllow you in wowowee such that when you didn’t show up for aalmost a week, I just watch the dv of K I S
    vol 2,5 & 6.

    ill follow you whatever happens. Just sosorrybecause I can’t see you personally because I am paraphlegic. Sa tv nalaang!

    But I will be forever your friend. Prayingfor your success and happiness always.


  29. Bluhahuiah says:

    Hi Carmen,

    I consider monday to saturday, 12:15 to 3 pm as CARMEN SOO TIME. Its the best time of the day for me. I just love to see your beautiful smiling face. Of all the host in the show, you exude so much grace and elegance. Your hosting style is effortless. You don’t need to do some weird and outrageous moves to attract attention. All you need to do is smile and people are drawn to you. Thank you Ms. Carmen for accepting this hosting job. You just don’t know how much you made us all very happy by your mere presence in the boob tube at lunch time. God Bless!!!!

  30. maeblurose says:

    It is my greatestpleasueto let you understand how I exceedingly appreciate your frieendly attituide towards everybody.
    The warm response, your smiles and kind wwords aand simplicity that have endeared you to the Filipinos.

    I wish you moreprojectss at sanaa patuloy kang maging masaya. I wish you nothing but the best. Stay happy, healthy and
    friendly. Keep smiling!

    The very best of all my words are those that speak of you.
    The veery best of all my thoughts arethose that think of you…
    My fondest hopes, my cherish dreams, my prayers to God above…
    Tthe ery best in me, I offer you, my friend.


  31. haser says:

    Hi Carmen! How’s it going?
    I always watch you in wowowee..
    I really admire you..
    I long to see you personally..
    Take care always..
    More blessings to come in your life..

  32. Thanks for the info on the article. It was a really great read..

  33. haser says:

    hi Carmen, How are you?
    I just want to say this to you..
    When I saw you on tv, I felt differ in my feelings. In that time I knew that It was just an infatuation.
    You’re so beautiful. I like the way you move. Everyday I watch on tv. Your smile makes my heart melts.
    You make my days complete.
    Time goes by, I’m so much of you. I always think of you, dream of you, pray for you. Wishing to be with you even even just for one day.
    I always visit your website, viewing your photos, and sending message for you. I always watch you on youtube, singing the song “we could be in love”, which is now one of my favorite song and I love playing it on my guitar. πŸ™‚
    I like the way you sing, you dance, you speak, you smile. I like you. You’re my dream. I like your attitude. I don’t expect to feel for you this way.
    I’m in love with you Camen. Even though I’m just 19 years old, I know how I feel for you. I love you and I really care for you.
    You inspires in everything, to study hard, to write more songs and to be closer to God. Mahal kita Carmen Soo.
    Thanks to you. Take care and God bless you. πŸ™‚

  34. vince824 says:

    Hi, carmen! I’m one of your biggest fans!!!! i love watching you on wowowee everyday! I didn’t watch wowowee until you came there!!!! Now i love wowowee

    because of you! i think you’re the prettiest of all the girls in wowowee! Take care and God bless!!!!

  35. jeancdg says:

    do u have an upcoming teleserye or movie??? i hope to see u again in abs-cbn’s primetime seryes … ur so pretty and u look so nice …..u act naturally … wishing u all the best!!!!

  36. Hello Carmen been missing you a lot…just the mention of your name gets me going. Happy happy birthday..peace and happiness be with you always..year after year. Please extend our best regards to your beloved family. Too much to say but space is limited. You are indeed or deserved to be called ” Beautiful Girl “.Thank you SOO much for sharing your stories..pictures..I must go back and back and back..I’ll never never tire of going back to read and look at the many many beautiful pictures you have posted and reading the comments of SOO many millions of SOO fans. Take good care of your health…many many more blessings to come your way..we love you..the People loves you..God bless you always

  37. Blessilda says:

    Carmen ,miss u lotss πŸ™‚ movie na please..:)

  38. G-Lyn says:

    I’m so happy to see you here carmen, you are such a kind person, i really admire you the first time i saw you on tv and been always talking about you, i even made my boss search for you in Malaysia-since they were from Msia. I hope u had a happy and blessed Christmas and looking forward fruitful and prosperous 2011…take care and God bless you Carmen.!!!!

  39. Yuka says:

    Hi Carmen! You are absolutely beautiful… Gosh the first time I saw you was on Ghost drama and I was captivated by your talents and beauty.. Please take care and hope to hear you soon =)

  40. danny pata says:

    Carmen youre so gorgeous and adorable good luck and more power to you.

  41. Mark says:

    Hi Carmen, You are too Cute and beautiful, Hope to see you again in Teleserye’s here in the Philippines, i hope ABS-CBN will give you more Teleserye, To all the fans like me, who want to watch “Kahit Isang Saglit” online you can visit ThePinoyMovie.net http://www.thepinoymovie.net

    More blessings to you Carmen, I miss your Cute Smile and the way you act

  42. wayne says:

    Miss Carmen Soo. Hope you will visit here at Philippines again. πŸ™‚

  43. William says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Thank you for your message. Yes I miss the Philippines too, and hoping that I can visit sometime this year:)

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